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Checklist for Leaving Your Boat in Storage

This list is to be used as a guide to help you properly prep your boat for storage in a boatyard. If you have any questions regarding anything on this list and the preparation of your boat for storage please do not hesitate to contact us.


  1. Prior to haul out thoroughly flush all heads and ensure holding tanks are empty and flushed through

  2. Clean and dry bilges as much as possible

  3. A. Summer storage - Fill water tanks treat with chlorine and close off valves
    B. Winter storage - Empty tanks and/or add potable antifreeze in tank and flush thru-lines

  4. Check engine oil and water and top up if required

  5. Clean engine and engine room, spray with CRC SP 400 or similar

  6. Check battery levels and clean terminals and grease with Vaseline or suitable protecting lubricant

  7. Check cockpit lockers for, oily rags, old paint tins, old solvent tins, BBQ lighter fluid, etc. and dispose of

  8. Secure and lock cockpit lockers

  9. Tidy and secure all loose lines, Remove flags

  10. Fit instrument covers

  11. Ensure cockpit drains and scuppers are clear

  12. Turn off propane bottles

  13. Ensure all hatches and ports are securely dogged down

  14. Leave interior orderly and clean

  15. Present clean and orderly boat - Store as few accessories as possible on cushions

  16. Add vinegar to toilets and circulate through system


  1. Fill diesel tanks and treat

  2. Spray all hose clamps with CRC SP 400 Anticorrosion Wax or similar

  3. Spray behind electrical panel with CRC SP 400 or similar

  4. Remove bimini and frame if possible and stow

  5. Remove all sails and stow

  6. Remove spinnaker pole, boat hooks, loose deck equipment and stow

  7. Remove cockpit cushions and all other loose deck gear and stow

  8. Remove wind generator if fitted

  9. Remove batteries from hand held equipment

  10. Remove all food stuff including spices, packet soups, cereals, tins, and etc. (these items can be a great attraction to rodents, which can cause a great amount of damage in a short period of time).

  11. Place Roach hotels. Treat interior cupboards and areas with Max Force or Combat Roach Control.

  12. Fit screens or close curtains if fitted

  13. Lift interior cushions to allow good air circulation

  14. When in yard, remove and stow fenders and dock lines

  15. Refit backstay if this was removed for haul out

  16. Fit Solar Panel and ensure charging

  17. Close all sea cocks (except deck and cockpit)

  18. Turn off all battery switches

  19. Spray door lock or padlock with CRC

  20. Ensure lifeline gate closed and secured

  21. Cover exhaust

  22. Cover rudder


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